Quality Liners for Wrought Iron Flower Baskets

Quality Coco Liners, Sphagnum Moss Liners, Liners for Flower Baskets!

Coco Liners for Window Box Hayracks

Purchase coco liners for wrought iron window box hayracks, thickly molded with natural latex into your hayrack planters.  Five (5) sizes available.

Starting at $12.95

Replacement Liner for 50 inch long Narrow Hayrack Planter

Purchase replacement coco liners for our 50 inch narrow hayrack planter!  Liner fits our 50" length x 7.5" W x 9.5" deep Narrow Hayrack.

$ 22.95

Set of 2 Coco Liners for 80" Hayrack Planter - (2) 40" Sections

Purchase a Set of 2 Coco Liners for your 80" Hayrack Planter that comes in two 40" sections.

ON SALE $44.95 (Pair)

Purchase quality molded coco liners for round hanging baskets. Available in 5 Sizes-ON SALE NOW!  

Starting at $ 4.95

Sphagnum Moss Liners for Hanging Baskets

Our Sphagnum Moss Basket Liners are pre-molded and ready to fit into your 12", 14", 16 or 17" diam. hanging baskets.

Starting at $ 11.95

Coco Liners for 17 in. and 22 in. diam. Patio Planters

Purchase flat-bottom coco liners for 17 inch and 22 inch diameter wrought iron flower baskets.

Starting at $11.95

Coco Liners for Half-Round Wall Baskets

Purchase replacement coco liners for half-round wall baskets.  Available in four (4) sizes!   

Starting at $11.99

Coco Liners for Spanish Wall Baskets

Purchase coco liners for Spanish wall baskets, available in three sizes!  

Starting at $ 9.25

Coco Liners for Peacock Wall Baskets

Purchase coco liners for Peacock wall baskets, available in two (2) sizes.

Starting at $ 9.45

Coco Liners for Peacock Hanging Baskets

Purchase replacement coco liners for 14" and 16" diameter Peacock Hanging Baskets.

Starting at $ 7.95

Coco Liners for Flat-bottom Flower Baskets

Purchase coco liners for flat-bottom flower baskets. The molded coco liners fit 14", 17", and 24" diam. baskets.

Starting at $ 7.95

Coco Liners for Spanish Hanging Baskets

Purchase replacement coco liners for Spanish Hanging Baskets. Available in 4 Sizes!

Starting at $ 5.95

Coco Liners for Cone-Shaped Hanging Baskets

Purchase coco liners for 12" and 14" diam. cone-shaped hanging baskets. SORRY!  SOLD OUT.

Starting at $ 12.99

Coco Liners for Large Flower Baskets

Purchase large coco liners for unique shaped wrought iron flower baskets, molded to fit right in!  Available in 5 sizes!

Starting at $15.95

Coco Liners for Cradle Trough Planters

Replacement coco liners for cradle planters and trough planters are available in three (3) sizes. 

Starting at $ 14.95

Coco Liners for Urn Planters

Purchase Natural Coco Liners for decorative urn planters or wrought iron baskets.  Six (6) sizes available!


Coco Liners for Lamppost Flower Baskets (Set of 2)

Purchase a Set of 2 Coco Liners for our commercial Lamppost Flower Baskets for the 25" and 30" diameter baskets. Ask for Quantity Discount!

Starting at $ 40.95

Coco Liners for Large flat-bottom Planters

These large flat-bottom coco liners are 20" in diameter; one for 9" deep baskets and one for 11" deep baskets.

Starting at $ 20.95

Coco Liners for 20 inch diam. Side-Planting Baskets

Purchase side-planting coco liners with pre-cut holes for 20" diam. x 11" deep double basket planter. 

$ 20.95

Coco Liners for Tiered Planters

We now have molded coco liners to fit 2 Tiered or 3 Tiered Planters.

Starting at $ 20.95

Side-Planting Liners for Pamela Crawford's Wall Planter

Purchase side-planting liners for Pamela Crawford's Square Wall Planter!


Coco Liners with holes for side plantings

Coco liners have pre-cut holes made exclusively to fit Pamela Crawford's flat-bottomed flower boxes for side plantings!

Starting at $ 9.95

Side-Planting Liners for Window Box Planters

The coco liners are made exclusively to fit Pamela Crawford's flat-bottom hayracks for side plantings.  Four (4) sizes available.

Starting at $ 9.95

Oregon Green Moss

Oregon Green Moss is a great alternative for lining wire hanging baskets and iron planters, or use as filler for floral arrangements.


Bags of Loose Coco-fiber Moss

Purchase bags of loose Coco-fiber Moss for lining hanging baskets and wire flower baskets.  Available in 1 lb. or 5 lb. bags. 


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