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Purchase quality coco liners for round hanging flower baskets, with five (5) sizes to choose from!  Our replacement coco liners are thickly molded with natural latex and normally last at least two years depending on weather conditions, amount of water, etc.  The premolded liners are ready to fit right into round wrought iron baskets with the following dimensions:


Sizes Available:

  • Coco Liner for 12" diam.  x  8" deep
  • Coco Liner for 14" diam. x   9" deep
  • Coco Liner for 17" diam. x 10" deep
  • Coco Liner for 20" diam. x 12" deep 
  • Coco Liner for 24" diam. x 14" deep

PRICE SHOWN IS FOR THE 12" LINER.  Purchase in Bulk for best pricing!


Coco Liners for Round Hanging Baskets

$5.95 Regular Price
$4.95Sale Price