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Our quality wrought iron hanging baskets are part of our line of European Classic planters.  The traditional round hanging baskets include a natural coco-fiber liner and a four-strand sturdy black chain!   The deep baskets are outstanding for plant growth!  Formed like a spiral spring from top to bottom, our hanging baskets are much more substantial than wire hanging baskets. Made with heavy gauge steel wire, hand welded, and coated in thick black rust protective material. 


Size and Dimensions:

  • 12" diam. x 8" deep - includes a 21.5" chain
  • 14" diam. x 9" deep - includes a 21.5" chain
  • 17" diam. x 10" deep - includes a 21.5" chain
  • 20" diam. x 12" deep - includes a 30" chain
  • 24" diam. x 14" deep - includes a 30" chain

The large 20 inch and 24 inch diam. baskets are used by many municipalities and business improvement districts for downtown restorations and beautification projects!

Wrought Iron Hanging Baskets with Coco Liner

PriceFrom $19.95

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