Wrought Iron Planters

Large Wrought Iron Planters, Wrought Iron Wall Baskets, Decorative Garden Urns! 

Purchase quality wrought iron planterswall baskets, and decorative garden urns!  We have a great selection of large outdoor planters including our 2-Tiered or 3-Tiered Cascade garden planter, or our NEW Two Tier planter that stands 34" high on three (3) decorative pedestal legs.  We offer quality cradle planters, decorative urn planters, and flower baskets for residential lampposts!  Customers love our affordable free-standing steel wire basket planters with flat bottoms for easy planting; or place on one of our attractive metal plant stands to display your favorite plantings!   Check out our metal washtubs available in 3 sizes for planting or many other uses!  Mount a wrought iron wall planter to any outdoor wall, or choose a square wall planter for vertical gardening!  Our decorative wrought iron wall basket is a customer favorite, available in two sizes.  Our large iron planters are great for public displays!   All of our wrought iron planters, iron garden urns, and wrought iron wall baskets include a natural coco liner.  

Decorative wrought iron urn planters are a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space. Available in two sizes!

Starting at $ 59.95

Our quality wrought iron cradle planters are among our customers' favorites, and make great gifts!  Available in 3 sizes!

Starting at $ 69.95

Metal Plant Stands with Metal Tray Tops

These unique Metal Plant Stands are unlike anything you've ever seen!  Six (6) options to choose from!

Starting at $ 79.95

Metal Plant Stand

Made of solid steel, the plant stand holds baskets or pots for elegant indoor or outdoor floral displays.  Available in three sizes!

Starting at $ 34.95

Wrought Iron Urn with Coco Liner

Cauldron urn planters have deep baskets for planting and sit on short decorative legs. Available in 2 Sizes. 

Starting at $ 44.95

Two-tier Wrought Iron Planter with Coco Liners

Our NEW Two Tier planter differs from our two-tiered Cascade Planter in that it stands 34" high on three (3) decorative pedestal legs.

$ 69.95

Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Basket

This decorative wrought iron wall basket is one of our customers' favorites!  Available in 2 sizes.

Starting at $ 54.95

Wrought Iron Patio Flower Basket Planters

These decorative wrought iron flower baskets make great patio planters at an attractive price!  2 sizes available.

Starting at $ 35.99

Steel Wire Basket Planters with Coco Liner

Steel wire basket planters have a flat-bottom, making planting easy!  The free-standing baskets are available in 3 sizes!

Starting at $14.95

Wrought Iron Wall Planter with Coco Liner

Our half-round wrought iron wall planters are a great alternative to regular rectangular window boxes!

$ 45.99

Flower Baskets for residential lampposts

Two 16" half-round wrought iron planting baskets clamp together around 3" to 4" posts with an inner bracket.  Set of 2 Coco Liners included.

$ 59.99

Lamppost Flower Baskets with Coco Liners

These large scale commercial planters are highly suitable for city restoration projects and for beautifying parks, malls, and public spaces!  Two sizes available.  CONTACT US FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!

Starting at $180.95

Vintage Metal Tubs

These vintage metal tubs have two folding handles for many uses! Available in a galvanized or copper-plated finish. 20" L x 13" W x 16.5" deep

Starting at $ 45.95

Galvanized Steel Washtub

The oval galvanized tub has many uses and perfect for planting herbs and leafy vegetables!  Available in 3 Sizes.

Starting at $38.00

Black Metal Washtub with Handles

Use this large black metal washtub for holding wood pellets or logs, or for a planter!  Made of galvanized steel with a black powdercoat finish!

$ 69.95

Square Wall Planter with Coco Liner for Side Planting

Designed for outdoor walls, mount these square wall planters in groups for vertical gardening displays!

$ 34.99

Just slip the baskets onto the iron post for quick and easy assembly of the large two-tiered Cascade wrought iron planter.

$ 79.95

Large 3-Tiered Wrought Iron Planter with Coco Liners

This large 3-tiered wrought iron planter is ideal for creating cascading displays with a variety of foliage combinations.

$ 129.95

Large Garden Container

NO MORE KNEELING to plant your garden and NO MORE GARDEN PESTS!

ON SALE $ 55.95

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