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This large tiered wrought iron planter is ideal for creating cascading displays with a variety of foliage combinations.  The upper level baskets slip into the baskets below using the post.  The 3-tiered Cascade Planter has three gracefully curving legs that elevate the bottom basket off the ground.  Made of hand-welded steel which is thickly coated with a rust preventative pvc-like material.  Price includes set of 3 natural molded coco-fiber liners.



  • Top basket: 14" dia. x 8" deep
  • Middle basket: 18" dia. x 9" deep
  • Bottom basket: 23" dia. x 11" deep
  • Overall height: 36"


See our 2-Tiered Cascade Planter.


Large Wrought Iron Planter - 3 Tiered


  • Weight:  

    • 18 lbs. w/o coco liners
    • 23 lbs. with coco liners
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