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Installing Window Boxes

Install Window Boxes under Windows, Mount to Wooden Deck Rails, Hang on Iron Deck Rails!

How to Install Window Box Hayracks under Windows

Hooks for Hanging Window Box Hayracks

Our European Classic Window Box Hayracks are designed with loops on the back to easily mount on our "J" Hooks.  "J" Hooks are great for holding small to medium hayracks up to 36" in length, and we now offer Large J-Hooks for mounting our 44" window hayracks.  Wood screws are included.  For larger wall containers, you can also use plated lag bolts or carriage bolts about 2 1/2" L with 1 1/2" o.d. washers.  Hold empty hayrack in position and drill pilot holes at the “loops” in top rear bar, designed to be gripped by the washers.  For extra security, install a third bolt and washer in center of lowest bar.  For masonry, same as on wood siding, but make the holes in the masonry with a masonry drill bit large enough to install plastic or lead anchors.  To hang hayracks on stucco walls, first determine if you have a wooden or cement block frame since you need to find the joists to drill into.  If wooden frames, use wood lags; if cement block or brick, use cement lags.  To hang hayracks to vinyl siding, use our Hooks for Vinyl Siding.

Brackets for Wooden Deck Rails

Mount Hayrack Flower Boxes to Wooden Deck Rails

To mount hayrack planters to wooden rail decks, we have Hayrack Brackets for Decks with Wooden Railings.  Sold in pairs, the brackets are adjustable to grip the wide top of your wooden railings.  The locking screws secure the fit.   You can place them to hold hayracks of any length, holding up to 200 lbs., if your rails are strongly built.  


The lower part of each bracket has a load-bearing hook and holds the hayrack straight and away from contact with railings.  Each bracket is 13" tall.  The bracket top adjusts to hold lumber from 3 1/4" to 5 1/4" wide; gripping lumber up to 1 3/4" thick.  For thinner lumber, shims can be inserted to achieve a tight fit.

Hang Flower Boxes to Iron Deck Rails
Hang Hayrack Planters to Iron Deck Rails

We now offer an easy and affordable solution for fastening your Hayrack Planters to iron deck rails!  Use these super strong Cable Ties to fasten hayracks to steel railing, The Cable Tie Kit includes two (2) 175 lb. ties (18" long) and two (2) 80 lb. ties (8" long).  


Use the 175 lb. test tie at each "loop" of the top-most rear bar to carry the weight, and use the 80-lb. cable tie at the lowest bar to prevent movement.  They are safe, secure, and inconspicuous. Instructions included on pack. Please contact Mitch at 814-329-5312 with any questions about mounting your hayrack.


"I received my iron window planters yesterday.  Thank you for your assistance and kindness in providing me with information on my purchase and your response to my emails. I am very, very happy with the planters...they look great...just as shown on your website.  I will certainly consider purchasing other products from Window Gardens Direct again in the future."  --Kimberly, Canada

"No wait time along with knowledgeable and great customer service.  Made shopping a pleasure!"   -- Melinda K., Peachtree, GA 

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