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Metal Flower Boxes

Affordable Copper Flower Boxes, Metal Flower Box Planters, White Window Boxes, and More!

Purchase affordable copper flower boxes or metal flower box planters, handmade by skilled craftsmen in the USA!  See our great line of galvanized steel flower boxes with colored patina finishes (Garden Green, Nantucket Blue, and Cape Cod White), making them look beautifully aged.  If you're looking for white window boxes or blue window boxes, these are a great choice to complement your home!  For a classic look, choose a plain copper-plated flower box made of steel or a "hammered steel" copper window box with brackets, ON SALE NOW!  These attractive flower boxes are finished with copper plating, making them look like copper window boxes, but at an affordable price!   All our metal flower boxes have drainage holes so you can plant them directly or place a series of potted flowers and foliage in them.  The copper-plated flower boxes will develop a warm natural patina over time.  Also see our featured line of quality wrought iron window boxes at affordable pricing!

All Metal Flower Boxes on this page are made from galvanized steel with drainage holes for direct planting. 


"Everything arrived today and I cannot thank you enough.  The hayrack and trellis is exactly what I envisioned, and the garland is beautiful.  Thank you so much for all your help and persistence.  Your customer service is superb and a welcome change from all the big stores and their sites.  I always prefer doing business with a small business and work in one myself.  It just seems that we care more and you proved me right.  I will be highly recommending your site to my gardening friends (and I have many), and you will see me as a repeat customer as well."  --Anne G., V.P., The Allen Companies

"No wait time along with knowledgeable and great customer service.  Made shopping a pleasure!"   -- Melinda K., Peachtree, GA 

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