Water Retaining Products

Flower Reservoirs, Water Wells, Water Retainers

We offer a variety of water retaining products to help keep your hanging baskets and planters from drying out too quickly.  Our popular Flower Wells are sturdy plastic reservoirs capturing plant food and water that would normally drain out.  With our Rain Mats, water is absorbed into the mat providing a reservoir for the roots to grow into, seeking out water from the mat as needed.  We also have Rain Mat Rolls that can be cut to size for use in our window boxes or larger planters. "Rain-Gel" granules absorb water in a few seconds to form a fine textured gel and are potassium-based which is better for plant growth.  A new, innovative product is our Water Slice. This amazing new polymer material quadruples in size when plants are watered, then releases it gradually over days and weeks as needed.  For beautiful orchids, choose our orchid medium made from natural coconut husks!  The coconut husks are better than bark chips as they hold more water and won't dry out as fast.  Our coco husk chips are compressed into 1.16 lb. bricks that expand after soaking in water for 15 minutes before using.