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IMPROVE YOUR FLORAL DISPLAYS AND GROWTH--EVEN IN DRY CONDITIONS!  Use our Rain Mats for all of your garden containers to hold moisture in the soil and to provide other beneficial needs as follows:

  • Save water! - Water is absorbed into the mat and should not overflow.
  • Save time! - Water your containers only every 7 - 10 days.
  • Save effort! - Rain Mats keep on working throughout the seasons all year long.
  • Save money! - Slowly releases small traces of potassium, unlike other products that release sodium (salt) which will adversely affect your plants.

Place each mat into the growing medium at root level when planting your containers. Rain Mats rapidly soak up the water and provide a reservoir for the roots to actually grow into, seeking out water from the mat as needed.

Rain Mats

$9.50 Regular Price
$7.99Sale Price

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