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This 3-sided window birdfeeder is not only a great idea, but a great gift for children to watch the birds up close!   Made of transparent hard plastic, children can easily view the many birds that will be attracted to your feeder through the large oval window.  The birdfeeder easily mounts on any window with three (3) large suction cups included.  

A padded, ribbed perch provides comfort and protection as the birds land and eat.  The three-sided design makes easy flying access from three sides.


Fill the feeder tray with a handful of seeds and watch the birds up close all day!  The one inch seed tray also has a small space for water and a removeable divider for different seeds.  Tray lifts off easily for cleaning and re-filling.  It is a good idea to place the feeder under a roof overhang to keep the birdfeed dry and to shelter the birds.



7-1/4" width, 5-1/2" overall height, 3-1/2" overall front-to-back, seed tray is 1-1/8" deep

Window Bird Feeder

SKU: WGwbf

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