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Window Box Brackets, Heavy-Duty Wall Brackets,  Hooks for Hanging Baskets, and More!

We have many styles of window box bracketsheavy-duty wall brackets, and hooks for hanging flower basketsTo mount window hayracks under windows or on walls, J-hooks are the most affordable solution; or use vinyl siding hooks to mount hayracks to vinyl siding.  Easily hang our hayrack planters onto iron deck rails with our affordable cable tie kits!  Use our adjustable deck brackets for wooden rails to hang window box planters to wooden deck rails. Hang flat-bottomed window boxes to walls with a pair of wall mount flower box brackets, a one-piece flower box bracket, or choose a pair of flower box brackets to hold metal flower boxes to the top of wooden decks or porch rails.  For hanging baskets, choose our quality steel wall brackets, along with a Swivel Hook to rotate baskets for even growth!  We also have extra large wall brackets in different styles.  Our S-Hooks come in many lengths to hang hanging planters at just the right height.  For streetscape projects to hang large hanging baskets, see our heavy-duty lamppost brackets, Victorian-style lamppost brackets, or our Classic European steel lamppost brackets!  We also carry two sizes of replacement chains for hanging baskets.  

Two-arm bracket for small lampposts
Fits 3 to 4 inch diameter poles.
Two-arm Lamppost Bracket
Classic European Lamppost Bracket for 3" to 7" diam. Lampposts
Heavy-duty lamppost bracket
Fits lampposts from 5 inches to 7 inches in diameter.
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