Wall Baskets

Wrought Iron Wall Baskets, Decorative Wall Baskets, Large Wall Planters

Purchase wrought iron wall baskets for an alternative look to your indoor or outdoor floral displays!   Our easy-to-hang decorative wall baskets have a tall, ornate scroll top and a bottom finial, making it a wonderful focal point for any indoor or exterior wall.   For an exciting look to your wooden fence or front porch, our Living Wall Planters are a unique planting experience for gardeners who want a new challenge in planting vertical gardens!  Purchase a single square wall planter or combine them in groups for large vertical gardening displays!   We also offer half-round wall planters with deep planting baskets allowing plants to fully root and become established.  The half-round wall baskets mount easily on any expanse of wall or under windows.  All of our wall planters include a natural coco-fiber liner.  Replacement coco liners are available for all wall baskets.