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Purchase quality coco liners for wall baskets, available in three sizes!  Our coco liners are pre-molded with natural latex making them thick and sturdy to last several years.  The benefits of coco-fiber for a growing medium are many, helping to retain the moisture that is needed when planting in outdoor containers.  Liners are available for 12", 14", and 17" wall baskets with the following dimensions:  

Size and Dimensions:

  • 12" across x 8" deep
  • 14" across x 9" deep
  • 17" across x 9" deep

Price shown is for the 12 in. Coco Liner.


Coco Liners for Spanish Wall Baskets

  • A natural by-product from coconut farming in Sri Lanka, coco coir is the fiber resulting from the processing of coconuts (the removing of the "nut" from its fibrous encasing), making it quite renewable.  Disposal is easy and environmentally sound.  

    Preformed with natural latex, our coco liners are made to last at least 2 yrs., depending on climate, weather conditions, and amount of planting material. 



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