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Our Lawn and Garden Products offer
Practical Solutions and make Great Gifts!

Decorative lawn accents, plant stands, trellises, water retaining products, and more!

We offer a variety of practical lawn and garden products that also make great gifts!    Our water retention products for planters include rain mats, rain mat rolls, water-absorbing beads, flower wells, and our great water-absorbing Water Slices!  For unique gifts for gardeners, see our terracotta bluebirds and window bird feeder.   To help attract native bees for pollination, we have several sizes of bee houses to choose from. Grow potted plants and start seedlings indoors with our waterproof windowsill trays.  We also have large plant trays for watering potted plants indoors or for use as a boot tray for muddy boots.  If you need plant supports for climbing plants, we have several styles to choose from, including metal trellises.  Purchase an attractive metal plant stand to display flower baskets or potted plants, and our popular wrought iron plant stands in four sizesGet rid of slugs with our handy slug eliminatorNOW ON SALE!  If you're looking for replacement chains for hanging baskets, we offer 2 sizes.



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