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The decline in honeybees has generated an interest in finding new ways to boost the bee population. The more pollinator-friendly locations we have, the more we can retain bee species and provide the pollination needed for gardens, fruit trees, and more. Our native Mason bees are the perfect choice for pollination.  In the wild, Masons build their mud-sealed nests in natural tubes like reeds or holes in dead trees.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends providing 6" paper-lined tubes 5/16" in diameter, some-what weatherproof, and contained in a protective shelter.  That's where our Mason Bee Nest Kits come in.

Each kit is housed in a sturdy 6 1/2" long PVC tube. The Kraft paper nest tubes have acetate wrap for strength and moisture protection and are 5/16" in diameter x 6" long. Just position Nest Kits 6 to 8 ft. high, firm and level, in a sheltered sunny spot facing East or South where they won't be disturbed.

Standard Kit - $10.99
3" diam. x 6 1/2" long with 68 nest tubes.

Jumbo Kit - $15.99
4" diam. x 6 1/2" long with 118 nest tubes.

Replacement Nest Tubes (Bundle of 100) - $15.00
Each Kraft paper tube is 6" long x 5/16" diam.

Bee Houses

  • It only takes 250-750 Orchard Mason bees to pollinate an acre of apples vs 60,000-120,000 honeybees to do the same job. Though they won't give you honey, they won't ever chase or sting you either (unless severely provoked). Each kit comes with it's own instructions and information on raising Mason bees.