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HATE SLUGS? LIKE BEER?  Slugs do too, but to their demise!  Get rid of slugs with SLUG-X!  An ingenious patented design that concentrates the fumes of beer, attracting slugs to their doom. Three beer wells provide lots of room for dozens of slugs to drink too much!  Slug-X is a high quality, complex plastic injection molding that lasts for years.  Place on the ground or anywhere you have a slug problem. Slug-X has its own sloping ramps that lead inside. Just hose out the dead slugs every few days and start again.

Dimensions: 10-1/4" long x 8" wide x 2-3/8" high.

When the English Telegraph newspaper compared and tested slug traps, the Slug-X won handily. They called it "a perfect place for slugs to rest, shelter and get sozzled."


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  • Testimony: "We caught 147 slugs on the first night alone!"

    • High quality, complex injection molding lasts for years!
    • Safe and harmless to wildlife and birds.