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These unique Metal Plant Stands with metal tray tops are unlike anything you've ever seen!  The design is sleek and minimalist offering six options for the perfect fit for your home and garden decor'.   Choose a short or tall base, then choose a copper, galvanized steel, or deep galvanized steel tray for the top!   The black powder-coated metal bases with trays can be used as an accent table, container garden, or plant stand. 


Stand Sizes and Dimensions:

  • Short Stand: 15" sq. x 14" H
  • Tall Stand:     15" sq. x 22¼"H


Tray Sizes and Dimensions:

  • Copper Tray: 15" sq. x 1½" deep
  • Galvanized Tray:  15" sq. x 3" deep
  • Deep Galvanized Tray:  15 3/4" sq. x 7" deep


Price shown is for the Short Stand with Galvanized Tray.


Metal Plant Stands with Metal Tray tops

Six Options:
    • Short Stand w/Copper Tray
    • Tall Stand w/Copper Tray
    • Short Stand w/Galvanized Tray
    • Tall Stand w/Galvanized Tray
    • Short Stand w/Deep Galvanized Tray
    • Tall Stand w/Deep Galvanized Tray
    • Item is handmade, therefore dimensions may vary slightly.
    • We take pride in the quality of this product.
    • Item has a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.



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