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A great alternative to a window box planter is this 22 inch wrought iron wall planter!  With an 11 inch deep planting basket, your plants will thrive as they become fully rooted and established in this deep basket.  The two iron loops on the back make the planter easy to mount under windows or on walls using a pair of our J-Hooks If you have vinyl siding, we have Vinyl Siding Hooks to hold the iron wall planter securely.  You can also mount the half-round planters onto wooden deck rails with our Hayrack Brackets for Wooden Deck Rails; or if you have iron deck rails, use our Cable Tie Kits for mounting.

Made of hand-welded solid steel bars and covered with a thick black rust protective covering.  Price includes Natural Coco-fiber Liner.


Wrought Iron Wall Planter with Coco Liner

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