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Mount this square wrought iron wall planter in groups for vertical gardening displays!  Designed for outdoor walls, the Living Wall Planter includes a coco liner with pre-cut holes for inserting 18 plants from 3 inch to 4 inch pots. There are 9 holes in the front, 3 holes on each side, and room for 3 at the top.  Plant hangers ("J" Hooks) are included for hanging the wall planter on exterior walls, holding a single planter away from the wall to allow for air circulation. Two rubber spacer washers keep them from making contact with the wall.

Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 5" square


Replacement Liners available.


Wrought Iron Wall Planter with Coco Liner

  • Recommendations: Use Potting Mix, not Potting Soil. Potting Mix is sterile and soil-less. Potting Mix holds water, but drains well, thereby promoting healthy root growth. For cacti and succulents, use a specially formulated mix. 

    Purchase Replacement Liners for Square Wall Planters.

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