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Lamppost Flower Baskets are available in two sizes to fit around 6" and 8" lampposts or light poles. Two half-round planting baskets provide lush growth and spectacular flower displays. The round, steel bar baskets are clamped together firmly around a lamppost or light pole with an internal octagonal bracket and large set screws, and are tightened in place by a wrench. Rust protected and finished in black.  Price includes Set of 2 Natural Coco-fiber Liners.


Sizes Available:

  • 25" fits 4" to 6" posts - Planting baskets are 25"x12"deep
  • 30" fits 5" to 8" post - Planting baskets are 30"x15"deep

Price shown is for the 25" Lamppost Flower Basket.

Lamppost Flower Baskets w/Coco Liners