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Purchase replacement coco liners for cradle planters and trough planters, available in three (3) sizes as shown below.  Our natural coco-fiber liners are preformed with natural latex to fit right into your small, medium, or large cradle and trough planters.  The coco fiber liners should last at least up to two (2) years depending on weather conditions if left outside year-round.   

Sizes Available:

  • Small Liner for basket 30" long x 12" wide x 7" deep
  • Med. Liner for basket 36" long x 14" wide x 8" deep 
  • Large Liner for basket 44" long x 16" wide x 10" deep.

Price shown is for the Small Coco Liner.


Coco Liners for Cradle Planters

PriceFrom $15.99

    Coco-fiber is a natural by-product from coconut farming in Sri Lanka.  Our coco liners are pre-formed with natural latex and ready to fit into your iron planters and hanging baskets.


    Coco Liners are environmentally friendly!

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