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Purchase coco liners for large hanging flower baskets!   Our replacement coco liners are formed to fit right into large wrought iron planters!   The natural coco-fiber liners are formed with latex to last up to two years.


Sizes Available:

  1.  Liner for Carousel Basket - 18" diam. x 10" deep
  2.  Liner for Imperial Basket - 18" diam. x 12" deep
  3.  Liner for Medium Hanging Garden -  20 1/2" overall diameter x 10 1/2" deep basket
  4.  Liner for Large Hanging Garden -  25" overall diameter x 11" deep basket


Price shown is for the 18" diam. x 10" deep coco liner.


Large Coco Liners

  • Coco-fiber is a natural by-product from coconut farming in Sri Lanka.  Our coco liners are pre-formed with natural latex and ready to fit into your iron planters and hanging baskets.


    Coco Liners are environmentally friendly!



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