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Purchase a Set of 2 Coco Liners to fit your 80 inch Sectional Hayrack Planter in two 40" Sections, 14" wide by 14" deep .  Our replacement coco liners  for the 40 inch sections are available in two styles.  We have the less expensive Set of 2 liners that are flat and have to be shaped into the baskets, and we now offer thicker molded replacement coco liners that fit perfectly into the two 40" halves!   


For the 40" Middle Section, use the less expensive flat liner, or a 14" W x 14" deep molded coco liner that fits right into the middle section


Coco Liners for 80" Hayrack Planter- (2) 40" Sections

PriceFrom $20.99
  • Coco-fiber is a natural by-product from coconut farming in Sri Lanka.  Our coco liners are pre-formed with natural latex and ready to fit into your iron planters and hanging baskets.


    Coco Liners are environmentally friendly!

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