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The Monarch decorative wrought iron hanging flower basket is hand-welded with heavy gauge steel wire exactly like our traditional old fashioned spiral hanging baskets, except they have a decorative steel hanger instead of a chain.  The elegant curved hanger clips securely to the rim of the flower basket and can be detached for easy storing.  The hanging basket is thickly coated with a rust protective spray for years of enjoyment.  All of our planters include a natural coco-fiber liner, or purchase a sphagnum moss liner for great water retention.  


Size and Dimensions:

  • 12" diam. x 8" deep; 23" overall height
  • 14" diam. x 9" deep; 27 1/2" overall height 
  • 17" diam. x 10" deep; 28 1/2" overall height
  • 20" diam. x 12" deep; 31" overall height


Decorative Wrought Iron Hanging Flower Basket with Coco Liner

PriceFrom $32.95

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