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Our largest wrought iron hayrack planter is the 80 inch length made in (2) 40 inch sections! To expand it even more, we have added the option to purchase a 40" Middle Section!  All include molded coco liners! 


The large wrought iron wall planter is ideal for large scale projects.  Very large and heavy, the sectional hayrack planter is also expandable with 40" middle sections. With any number of center sections, they will match the scale of big windows and buildings!   This is the deepest, most substantial wall planter you will find for any expanse of wall or window over 6 ft. long.  Holds an amazing amount of planting material for beautiful displays!  


  • Two 40" half sections combined = 80" L x 14" W x 14" H; (Weight: 34 lbs)
  • 40" Middle Section - 40" L x 14 W x 14" H; (Weight: 20 lbs)


Largest Wrought Iron Window Box with Coco Liners

PriceFrom $130.00

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