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Our large wrought iron window boxes with coco liner are 44 inches long and 10 inches deep, allowing plants to take root for outstanding plant growth!   The large hayrack planter is among our customers' favorites!   Made of high quality hand-welded steel with solid steel bars and thickly sprayed with a hard PVC coating for rust protection.   Two iron loops on the back make the planter easy to mount under windows or on walls with our Large J-Hooks.  Use our Hayrack Brackets for Decks with Wooden Rails to mount onto wooden deck rails.  For iron deck rails, we have an easy and affordable way to install hayrack planters with our Cable Tie Kits. 

See our suggestions for mounting to walls or iron deck rails, including hardware to use.  ALL HAYRACKS INCLUDE A NATURAL COCO LINER.


Large Wrought Iron Window Boxes with Coco Liner