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Your floral displays will be the envy of the neighborhood with this elegant Wall Trellis for Window Hayracks!  The iron wall trellises complement our window box hayracks letting you grow a complete garden with climbing plants and bedding plants. The iron trellis encourages climbing plants to grow upwards so the combination of the hayrack with the trellis results in a beautiful wall display!  Trellises are made from solid steel with an enameled glossy black finish.  Fastening brackets let the trellis stand out from the wall to encourage the climbers.

Size and Dimensions:

  • Wall Trellis for 30" Hayrack - (One piece) 29" w x 35" high;
  • Wall Trellis for 36" Hayrack - (One piece) 35" w x 42" high;
  • Wall Trellis for 44" Hayrack - (3 pieces) 43" w x 53" high;
  • Wall Trellis for 55" Hayrack - (3 pieces) 53" w x 66" high


Trellis for Window Hayrack

PriceFrom $52.95

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