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These wire hanging globe planters are great for designing wonderful and unique flower displays, especially decorating for special occasions! Floral Globes are great for growing flowers, succulents, herbs, and ivy any time of year. Use as a Kissing Ball for the holidays and decorate with ribbon and your favorite flowers and ivy. Single balls can be hung from porch beams in the center of archways or from branches of trees. See picture of planted floral globe.

Made from strong steel wire and coated with green plastic, 9 1/4" diam. Black coated hanging chains are 12" long.

Planting the floral globe:
1. Remove Lid.
2. Line with moistened moss. (See our small bags of Oregon Green Moss.)
3. Fill with soil.
4. Insert flowers, succulents, herbs, or ivy.
5. Replace lid and use floral pins to train growth around the globe. You can also plant all around the globe by poking holes through the moss and inserting seedlings. Suggestion: Prop the globe on a small pot while planting to add stability.

Floral Globe with Bag of Green Moss

  • Order includes 1 bag of Oregon Green Moss.